Goal Setting with the Evolt 360

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March 1, 2017
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March 1, 2017
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One of the biggest challenges with Goal Setting is that people have a tendency to be too broad with their goals, such as “I want to lose 10kg”, not how they are going to do or it or a mapped guide with a process of assessing whether your goals are being reached.

The great news for you is that, you can now do a full body composition assessment in less than 60 seconds using the latest Evolt 360 BIA machine, which will measure over 40 different measurement parameters, giving you tangible statistics to re-assess throughout your transformation journey.

The beauty of measuring with the Evolt 360, is that it is fully connected to an online platform which gives you access via an app on your smart phone, unlike any other body composition measuring method on the market today.

Statistics show that the most successful transformations have the basic 5 points of success –

  1. Assess your current body composition and set a realistic long-term goal with a number of short-term goals ie. Long Term Goal – I would like to reduce my body fat by 15kg in 12 weeks. Short Term Goal – I would like to lose 4kg body fat every 4 weeks.
  2. Write down your goals with specific dates attached.  Make yourself accountable to these dates. ie.  By 30th June, 2017 I want to have reduced my body fat by 15kg with the short term dates similarly noted.  Book a photo shoot at the end of your goal to give you a reward for your effort.
  3. Map out your plan with details on how you will achieve your goals.  This is where you may need to seek advice from a Fitness Professional to provide advice and assistance to be able to reach your goals.  You can also have your own written plan on your fridge.
    • Drink warm water and lemon juice upon rising
    • Cardio every morning for 5 days
    • Drink 3 liters of water every day
    • Train with PT 3 times per week
    • Go for a hike one day per week
    • Eat greens every day
  4. Track and assess whether your small goals are being reached & stay motivated. ie. Use the Evolt 360 to assess that your small goals are being reached.  The beauty of continuously scanning is that you can see whether the training and nutrition you are doing are actually working.  If the scan results aren’t what you intend, then you need to change your training and nutrition.  The Evolt Active Platform will provide you with graphed changes to see how you have changed during the period.  This is where a Fitness Professional can assist.
  5. Assess your progress at the end of your Goal Date. ie.  If you have had continuous scans throughout your transformation time period, you will have a great snapshot of how your body has reacted to different training and nutrition protocols.  This will give you invaluable insights into how you can maintain and control your body composition for the future.