Bio Scan Canada is a mobile Body Composition Analysis service that provides specialist Body Composition reports to provide people with education and awareness about their body, their health and a “road map” for goal setting..

We use the innovative Evolt 360 Body Composition analyzer which is an FDA approved BIA measuring device that can track and measure user results directly to their smart phone on the Evolt Active App, providing access to the latest in World Wide Fit Technology.

We have assisted thousands of Australian Health, Fitness & Wellness Businesses as well as Corporate Health Programs over the last 5 years with the Evolt 360 Technology.

Benefits of Body Composition tracking with the Evolt 360

  • Non-invasive testing that takes less than 2 minutes. No more embarrassment of removing clothing, being pinched or sent away to do expensive medical x-rays or placed in a claustrophobic environment.
  • We provide a full detailed explanation of the member’s Body Composition report with a detailed explanation by a BIA Specialist.
  • Provide you with a baseline of important health and wellness markers.
  • Provide accountability to you and motivate you to reach your goals.
  • Increase your results with the motivation of seeing tangible results in a report format, which you can access quickly on your smart phone.

The Body Composition Report is extensive with over 40 measuring parameters, providing you with important insights into your internal health, which can assist in identifying preventative changes to reach better health and wellness goals.

Our Fit Technology is also capable of providing you with group reports if you are running challenges, which is unique to the Evolt 360.  No other body composition analyzer has the ability to provide captured data in this format.

In terms of accuracy, the Evolt 360 has recently completed verification studies in the US against the DEXA scan which confirmed that it has the highest accuracy rating of any BIA measuring device on the market.

Our aim is to work with likeminded businesses to develop and grow memberships and promote healthy active lifestyles.

The Bio Scan Canada Team

Nadine Moxon 

Nadine Moxon is all about the client. Internationally renowned in the health and fitness industry for two decades, Nadine’s ‘you can do it, and I will help you’ approach has earned her a solid reputation as a fitness leader. While anchored as a manager in finance, in her native Australia, Nadine pursued body-building to the level of obtaining a corporate sponsor. She brings empathy to the table—she’s a mom—she’s realistic, and holds an ‘I’ve been there’ attitude.

Nadine has been fully trained in BIA technology in Australia and has years of experience with the interpretation and delivery of reporting.  Nadine’s passion and interest in assisting people to improve their health and fitness is paramount to the vision of Bio Scan Canada’s ethos to educate and improve health and self-awareness.

Kylie Zimmerle

Kylie Zimmerle has over 20 years experience within the Health & Fitness Industry in Australia having developed and owned a highly rated Fitness Education facility on the Gold Coast and has over 9 years experience with the BIA technology in Australia including owning the distribution rights to BIA technology throughout that Country.  Kylie spent 5 years in the competitive Body Building world with the IFBB in Australia, culminating in being awarded the Australian Figure Title as well as the coveted position of representing Australia at the Arnold Amateur event as a finalist in the Figure Division.

Over the last 3 years, Kylie chose to work and invest within the Evolt 360 BIA Technology, being a more progressive company with a product that exceeds any other product in the market with it’s unique Fit Technology platform as well as the continuous development to improve and progress the technology.

Like Nadine, Kylie’s passion extends to the education, progression and development of better health and wellbeing for every day people as well as athletes, corporate clients and many others.

Kylie and Nadine have worked together to create a Company in Calgary, with the mission to educate, motivate and provide people with a “road map” to their inner health and wellbeing.  As BIA specialists, Kylie and Nadine also have an education program to assist likeminded Fitness and Wellness Professionals in Canada with the BIA Techology.