How do I get scanned?

Simply attend one of our scan locations and pay at our tap and go kiosk on a per scan basis.

Click here to see our current locations in Canada.

How often should I be doing body composition scans?

Really you can perform a body composition analysis scan at any time – but some uses for BIA scanning commonly are:

  • Benchmark the beginning of a fitness program
  • Perform scans at even intervals during a fitness program to track progress
  • Fine-tune training routines
  • Assess general health
  • Establish some base level measurements for dietetic programs.
How do I view my results online?

Once you have completed the scan process, you will receive an email. Click on the link and sign into Evolt Active. Your result will be displayed on the “Scan Stats”.

What is the EVOLT 360?

The EVOLT 360 is a body composition analyser made by industry-leading professionals and scientists.

The EVOLT 360 provides quick, non invasive, and easy measurement of your body composition, delivering a guideline of your:

  • lean body mass,
  • body fat mass & percentage,
  • skeletal muscle mass,
  • visceral fat level,
  • fitness age,
  • fitness score plus much more in less than 2 minutes.
Why is important to track my progress with the EVOLT 360?

With regular monitoring of your muscle mass and body fat via the Evolt 360, users can access insights that assist with making better decisions relating to diet, lifestyle choices and training regimes specifically for individual body types. By knowing exactly what’s working for the individual body at a deeper level provides clearer knowledge to achieve targeted wellness, appearance, and longevity goals.

Why is simple BMI measurement outdated?

Body mass index only evaluates an individual’s height and weight. Body composition evaluates the breakdown of fat and fat free mass, giving a better estimate of fitness level and health risk.

How do I interpret the results of the EVOLT 360 scan?

A full scan explanation can be found on the back of your scan result sheet or login to Evolt Active to view your result online.

Watch our Scan Explanation video HERE.

How long does scanning take?

The scan process lasts less than 2 minutes, and is completely non-invasive.

Is the scan safe?

YES, gentle electrical currents of various frequencies (wavelength or speed) are passed through the body, the electrical current used in the scans is extremely low and is not harmful to the body.

What is Impedance?

Impedance is defined as the strength and speed of an electrical current through the body, measured in Ohms.

Bioelectrical impedance analysis is based on the fact that tissues with high water content act as a conductor of an electrical current, whereas fat tissue interferes with electrical conductivity. The more fat there is in the body, the higher the impedance.