March 1, 2017

The Benefits of Body Composition Scanning

People often associate body composition testing solely with establishing a body fat percentage. The truth is that there is far more information to be aware of, especially if fat loss or overall better health is your goal. Having an understanding of these important components can often be the ‘key trigger’ to learning how your body functions individually and therefore being able to reach that goal easier. What sets a leaner, healthier individual apart from an individual who carries excessive body fat is mostly due to the leaner individual carrying more skeletal muscle mass and protein mass. A strong metabolism is driven by an individual carrying more skeletal muscle mass and holding a high level of protein which repairs and nourishes muscle cells as they break down (as well as assist in a host of other very important roles within the body). In very simplistic terms, high skeletal muscle mass produces […]
February 10, 2017

Bio Scan Canada Goes Online

We feel it’s important to commemorate the little milestones. While our web developers work hastily on achieving a palatable web presence for our budding Calgary clinic – we find ourselves in the midst of a very busy period. How so?, we hear you ask. Setting up new businesses is an absolute task and a half! This being said – we wouldn’t have it any other way. But there are so, so many choices to be made. Everything has to be perfect however each decision made in record breaking time. Our favicon (the tiny icon on the browser tab of sites, and also the App icon on smartphones) had almost 8 iterations! For a picture less than the size of a ladybug when on screen – it’s an amazing idea. All we can say is this: All good things take time, and consideration. And we say this in earnest as that […]