March 1, 2017

Goal Setting with the Evolt 360

One of the biggest challenges with Goal Setting is that people have a tendency to be too broad with their goals, such as “I want to lose 10kg”, not how they are going to do or it or a mapped guide with a process of assessing whether your goals are being reached. The great news for you is that, you can now do a full body composition assessment in less than 60 seconds using the latest Evolt 360 BIA machine, which will measure over 40 different measurement parameters, giving you tangible statistics to re-assess throughout your transformation journey. The beauty of measuring with the Evolt 360, is that it is fully connected to an online platform which gives you access via an app on your smart phone, unlike any other body composition measuring method on the market today. Statistics show that the most successful transformations have the basic 5 points […]
March 1, 2017

Get Moving for Beginners

Most people are daunted by the prospect of starting an exercise program.  Generally the thought of going to a commercial gym or getting out of bed early, is just too much for some people. Research shows that people are more successful commencing and maintaining an exercise program if they choose activities they enjoy, buddy up with a friend or hire a PT or participate in group outdoor boot camps. Ultimately, the secret to changing body composition is to choose resistance training activities as well as various forms of cardiovascular activity.  That doesn’t mean you necessarily have to train in a commercial gym. There are a number of different training protocols that you can utilize such as – Circuit style training such as Orange Theory or F45 Crossfit training platforms Boxing or Muay Thai style training Outdoor Bootcamps Social Group Sports such as Indoor Soccer, Basketball etc. Swimming, Surfing, Paddle Boarding […]