Mineral Content

March 1, 2017

Tracking your Progress with BIA

Tracking your results effectively are key to keeping you motivated and ensuring you are on the right track. We are fortunate enough to now have access to bioelectrical impedance (BIA) which is basically an electrical current that moves throughout the cells in your body (via electrodes touching your hands and feet) determining the value of muscle mass, body fat, mineral content, fluid levels, muscular imbalances and visceral fat.  This information is invaluable when it comes to giving you a starting point and sometimes a good “kick in the pants” to make the changes necessary to improve your health. A number on the scales cannot determine anything other than a total body weight and therefore a considerably archaic assessment of body composition when we have the latest technology available to us. Professional Athletes, Sporting Teams as well as Universities and Sports testing facilities around the world are now utilizing BIA to […]