The Hidden Dangers of Visceral Fat

March 1, 2017
Tracking your Progress with BIA
March 1, 2017
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When we embark on our Fat Loss Journey, we often do it for aesthetic reasons.  We all want to look great at our wedding, special event, bikini season, impress someone etc etc.

Whilst many of us use the mirror as a guide or bathroom scales, neither can identify the difference between the fat you see (subcutaneous fat under the skin that we don’t like!) and the fat you can’t see (Visceral fat around our organs).  Likewise, skin caliper measurements will only identify an approximation of your subcutaneous fat.

Unfortunately, it is the fat that you can’t see (visceral fat) which is the most dangerous fat.  Excessive visceral fat can be linked to nasty diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes as well as hormonal dysfunction and many other disorders as reported by Diabetes UK.  Read the full article here

So how can you obtain a full report of your internal health identifying your level of visceral fat?  You can obtain a Dexa Scan, which is a radiology report that can be costly or you can now obtain a report via the latest technology in Bio-electrical impedance (BIA), which can provide you a full report in under 60 seconds.  Better still, it doesn’t require you to take your clothes off and it’s inexpensive, allowing you to consistency check your internal health at regular intervals.  Global Bodies have their BIA Machines in selected Gyms and Chemists around Australia and New Zealand.  Check their website and social media pages for locations and times.

Just like you would continuously service and check the internal working engine of your car, obtaining a full BIA Report can be beneficial to assess more than just how you look, but your long term internal health and wellbeing.